Deep healing & transformation/ Spiritual evolution and Empowerment/ Sisterhood & Rising the wild woman / Finding your souls true purpose 

WILD Creative energy

Something new is being born in this space.


Finding a Deeper Meaning Through spirituality & Shamanic practice 

My name is Suzanne im a Wild hearted Medicine woman who did grow up in the deep green forests of Finland. I always knew in my heart that there is some deeper meaning in life. I feel I was guided by spirit to this path of deep healing and transformation. 

I know this day would come to me. 

I got the call from my Ancestors that got Lauder everyday. So i just left 500 dollars to my name, to the roots a land i already  seen in my dreams the deep jungles of the Amazon rainforests , many past life memories that i had experience. 

I got so lost , only to find my souls voice. 

I freed myself of the conditioning of this Society.  Now i was free. I was no one. 

I was everyone and i was everywhere. 

I dived in to the wild river, i experience the Great womb of mama gaia, she was holding me. The Grand mystery, the Abuela pacha mama singing her sing to my ear.

I am serving the divine feminine. 

Holding space for transformation and healing of the womx. 

The spiritual work with female is my Art, 

I see you because, i am you. 

Im always inspired by mother earth, dreams and the great mystery of life. 

Lets rise and howl to the moon 🌙 


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