5 Dimensions online course

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Feeling the flow and peace in your daily life.

We are sharing some of our mindset & healing tools for living the life with more awareness grace and connection to higher self.
We want to bring you more clarity.
We want you to feel loved, relaxed and full of pace.
We want you to help ground yourself.
We want to show you how to heal your mind your body and how to connect deeper with the soul.
We want to get to know you, your dreams your goals your desires and guide you closer to them.

What will you get : 🦋 more ENERGY FLOW in your life ( flow of love and pace, flow of awareness and attracting more money) 🦋 Better CONECTION TO YOUR BODY, MIND AND SOUL and your spiritual self. (working trough each aspect of your 5 body's. 🦋 significant reduce of Anxiety & Stress ( by following unique meditations, breathing techniques and yoga classes created by us ) 🦋 Gaining more Awareness and deeper insight of what drives your life, recognizing your needs. 🦋 Consciously moving closer to your real PURPOSE 🦋 Affirmation & Visualization techniques that help you heal anc connect to your DREAM LIFE
The Five dimensions work shop when
Starts 11.01.2021
End 14.02.2021
Week 1 MIND
Week 2 BODY
Week 3 SOUL
week 5 SPIRIT
The course will last for 5 weeks, each week we will focus on a different part of ourselves.
we will host all the calls and share everything ONLINE. You just need to sign up for our online group and will be receiving all the information, Documents, links videos, there.
The price is 144€

About us
SUZANNE is a beautiful wild and adventurous soul from Finland.
She loves photography and traveling.
She is deeply in love with mother Earth.
She holds women circles in her small magical town.
She is interested in Shamanic healing techniques and natural medicine.
She will teach you about reiki healing, intuitive eating, journaling and connection to the spirit inside.
MARIA is a loving, kind and very open-minded girl from Poland. She loves dancing, yoga, meditating and creating art in many forms. She is deeply connected to her soul and loves expressing her selves trough writing and movement. She loves animals and nature a lot. She will guide you back to pace trough beautiful meditations created by her, breath work practices and magical yoga flow.
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