Embody your Godess " Freya" Photoshoot.

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Its an unique experience to embody your inner Godes, to claim your inner power and magnetize your dream life.

Its an creative expression of womens inner essence of connection to the cycles of nature, magic, dream world, connection to the womb, elements and the archetypes.

Unleash you wild and stand out as the true godes woman you are meant to be!

All Photography sessions include planning with me, trough consultation calls to create personal mood boards and to find perfect location for the photshoot.

In Godess Freya you can bring your own clothes ( nude ) , we will do 2 different shoots in location with 2 outfit changes in the location we have chosen.

  • Planning & calls
  • 5- 10 artistically high resolution images of your choice+ editing you get full ownership of the images.
  • Time of shoot will take 2- 3h
  • Preparing for shoot + step by step guidance trough the process & having a transformation session before we start the shoot.

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