Soul-client & co creator testimonials

“I loved working with Suzanne as my co host. She is very hard-working, ambitious and stays true to her purpose.

She always gets things done o time and puts lots of good energy into creating her Art. While doing her energy work and serving other people, she always gives you full attention. She respects others and her healing skills. Her Magnetic energy makes you want to talk with her for hours. 

She always makes me feel so comfortable and opened with her. 

She is beautiful, powerful and very strong and confident woman and for sure will help you find your way to your dream life as well. 

Maria Kozak

1:1 calls with Suzanne were like a warm big hug from your ancestors. Soul therapy. Her shamanic knowledge and radiant down to earth energy made me feel like i was talking with a friend who could help me in all the ways i needed. I felt like i could cry and laugh with her. Anything i needed. I felt seen, guided and loved. 6/5 would recommend to everyone. 

~ Amanda 

"Become one in Spirit with Suzanne every call,

It was perfect for me.... The experience is life changing... Thank you Suzanne"

Medicine woman training & mentorship student