This is for you. Your mind, body & soul.
This is the time we focus on your unique self. This is your time to speak & share. This is your time to be in silence. This is your time to receive healing or to get empowered.  To make an aligned action plan. 
It is for you what you need in this moment. 
I invite you to : 
  •   Create clarity & vision for your purpose.
  • To dive deep to your own healing power of your body & soul.  
  • Transmute disempowering believes  or habits 
  • Identity any believes , stories  or fears that are blocking your creative expression or feminine power to shine. 

You have an inner light, a unique  gift  that is meant to be shared.  Im here to remind you how powerful you are. Im here to hold space for you. I will guide you so YOU will remember. 

We are diving in to your unique purpose and rise from anything that is holding you back. 

Are you ready to Transform? 

1:1 Mentorship 

About shamanic healing : 


Shamanism is the practice of connection with realms beyond the physical world that we see, specifically, the spiritual realm, the energetic realm, and the soul history of a person, place, or area. 


The goal of shamanic healing and shamanism to quide a person become whole and fully embodied in their soul’s radiance by helping them claim their energy, power, all the parts of themselves, and find healing and connection with their soul through the means of energetic healing, soul level healing, and communion with Spiritual allies and nature. 


 How it works. 

𓆃 Shamanic Extraction. 

We move the blocks, stuck energy or remove Energy that is not supposed to be in your body. 



we gain back the Power, life force, prana, gee, gii energ. Life force Energy.


 𓆃 SOUL 

Soul retrieval, we gain back lost parts of the soul so you can step in to your purpose & your next level of you. 

All session are in zoom, available anywhere in the world. My time zone is EET - ( Helsinki) 


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Salo, Finland  

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